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Buying With Confidence At Auction with Roger Dawson

Let us help you find your next property

There is something to be said for a team that is committed to checking new listings daily and knowing the daily status changes of listed properties, to give you the most updated information available about a particular property.

In many cases we can get you through a property and have the information ready before others have even had a chance to view.

If you are in a position to make your next move but feel like you keep missing out then we are here to help. We will search for properties, source information, make appointments and walk you step by step through what you need to do to make an offer or bid at Auction.

Would be a pleasure to help. Please do not hesitate in making contact with us. Click here to contact Louise and Kelly ;-)

Kelly Gottermeyer - Licensed Sales Consultant and PA to Louise McLeavey


Kelly has always shown a very strong work ethic. She works tirelessly to make sure every detail is correct and has huge ambition for helping people find property. A dear client once said “Kelly makes the bullets and Louise Fires them!" Strong Communication between each other is the way the job gets done.

"Thanks to Louise McLeavey and Kelly Gottermeyer, I have been able to find and buy the place I liked within 3 weeks of starting to look. Being a first time buyer, I expected the process to be difficult and drawn out, but thanks to their recommendations I have been able to quickly find a solicitor and a financial advisor to prepare for the purchase. All the documents for the property (LIM and building report) were already available, and any query I had was immediately acknowledged and rapidly responded to. I have also received assistance in putting me in touch with the manager at the Harcourt's Auction house, so that my first auction turned out to be quite enjoyable. Thanks for making it so easy! You are amazing and I’ll definitely refer my friends to you in the future." Elena Moltchanova

“I would like to say that after six months of looking, there were some big differences in the professionalism and communication of different real estate agents and so I really did appreciate your great service. Thank you! “ First home buyer