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Awards and Accolades


Harcourts Grenadier #12 Consultant 2015-2016

Harcourts Grenadier #13 Sales Consultant April-September 2016
Harcourts Grenadier #10 Sales Consultant April-July 2015
Harcourts Grenadier #11 Top Sales Consultant 2014-2015
Harcourts Grenadier #3 Top Auction Lister 2014-2015

Harcourts Platinum Status January-March 2015

Harcourts Gold January-March 2016
Harcourts Gold Status April-June 2015
Harcourts Gold Status October-December 2014

Harcourts Gold Status July-September 2014

Harcourts Gold Status January-March 2014

Harcourts Gold Status October-December 2012

Harcourts Gold Status July-September 2010

Harcourts Silver Status October-December 2017

Harcourts Silver Status July-September 2016

Harcourts Silver Status April-June 2016

Harcourts Silver Status July-September 2011

Harcourts Silver Status January-March 2013

Harcourts Silver Status July-September 2013

Harcourts Bronze Status October-December 2015

Harcourts Bronze Status April-June 2013

Harcourts Bronze Status October-December 2013

Harcourts Bronze Status January-March 2012

Harcourts Bronze Status April-June 2012

Harcourts Bronze Status October-December 2011

Harcourts Bronze Status October-December 2010

Harcourts Canterbury Number 20 Sales Consultant July-September 2010

Harcourts Grenadier Number 15 Sales Consultant 2010/2011

Harcourts Rising Star of the Second Quarter 2010/2011 #1

Harcourts Rising Star of the Third Quarter 2010/2011 #2

Harcourts Grenadier Rookie of the Year 2010/2011

Harcourts Canterbury Rising Star of the Year 2010/2011 






Training Certificates

Tafe CertificateReal Estate Sales

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