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Recent Sales


Selling City Wide - A Selection of My Sales

1/21 Barrie Street, Addington

18B Fairfield Ave, Addington

58 Ward Street, Addington

57A Somerville Crescent, Aidanfield

2/286 Breezes Road, Aranui

20 Tomrich Street, Aranui

46 Tomrich Street, Aranui

12 Torlesse Street, Avonside

25 Birdwood Ave, Beckenham

109 Birdwood Ave, Beckenham

67 Corson Ave, Beckenham

69 Corson Ave, Beckenham

235 Eastern Terrace, Beckenham

122A Fisher Ave, Beckenham

125B Fisher Ave, Beckenham

28 Norwood Street, Beckenham

46 Norwood St, Beckenham

80 Norwood Street, Beckenham

78A Tennyson Street, Beckenham

134 Tennyson Street, Beckenham

10 Tuscany Place, Beckenham

81A Waimea Terrace, Beckenham

219 Waimea Terrace, Beckenham

9 Kuaka Crescent, Bromley

1/12 Glenbyre Place, Bromley

2-97 Hay Street, Bromley

140B Hay Street, Bromley

142A Hay Street, Bromley

14 Highwood Lane, Burnside

29B Lakewood Drive, Burwood

28A Cavendish Road, Casebrook

7 Kanuku Place, Cashmere

21 Macmillan Ave, Cashmere

1/38 Remuera Ave, Cashmere

11 Wherstead Road, Cashmere

20 Westenra Terrace, Cashmere Hills

328 Armagh Street, Christchurch Central

4 Pahau Place, Cracroft

121 Gayhurst Road, Dallington

4 Ngatea Road, Diamond Harbour

21 Country Palms Drive, Halswell

8 The Tors, Heathcote

125 Halswell Road, Hillmorton

1/56 Grange Street, Hillsborough

7B Hilldale Place, Hillsborough

21 Rapaki Road, Hillsborough

19 Blakiston Street, Hoon Hay (twice)

1-39 Cedars Street,, Hoon Hay

10a Greenpark Street, Hoon Hay

1 Mavin Road, Hoon Hay

3 Pablo Place, Hoon Hay

32 Victors Road, Hoon Hay

63 Victors Road, Hoon Hay

51 Boston Ave, Hornby

11 Dunstan Crescent, Hornby

34 Garvins Road, Hornby

15a Gregory Ave, Hornby

45B Neil Street, Hornby

13 Parker Street, Hornby

3/74 Gilberthorpes Road, Hei Hei

14 Burrows Place, Ilam

54A Brodie Street, Ilam

18 Roblyn Place, Lincoln

516 Armagh Street, Linwood

1/520 Armagh Street, Linwood

9/468 Cashel Street, Linwood

22 Havelock Street, Linwood

77 Holly Road, Merivale

21 Chilton Drive, Mairehau

51 Mokihi Gardens, Middleton

58a Sylvan Street, Middleton

4 Freeman Street, Mt Pleasant

60 Morrison Ave, Northcote

40 Rawson Street, New Brighton

75 Leaver Terrace, North New Brighton

32 Ford Road, Opawa

108 Main North Road, Papanui

22 Paparoa Street, Papanui

129A Vagues Road, Papanui

31/30 Mathesons Road, Philipstown

3/467 Tuam Street, Phillipstown

4/467 Tuam Street, Phillipstown

33 Inwoods Road, Parklands

8 Rue De La Mare, Parklands

23 Woodhaven Drive, Parklands

82 Daniels Road, Redwood

4/7 Peverel Street, Riccarton

65 Brookside Road, Rolleston

15 George Street, Rolleston

4 Heritage Close, Rolleston

240 Lake Terrace Road, Shirley

117A Bridge Street, South New Brighton

1-69 Estuary Road, South New Brighton

9-71 Estuary Road, South New Brighton

40 Halsey Street, South New Brighton

241 Barrington Street, Spreydon

438 Barrington Street, Spreydon

70 Cobham Street, Spreydon

1/58 Dominion Ave, Spreydon

1-75 Diamond Ave, Spreydon (twice)

25 Evesham Crescent, Spreydon

1/257A Lyttelton Street, Spreydon

293 Lyttelton Street, Spreydon

183 Simeon Street, Spreydon

19 Manhire Street, Spreydon

18 Rosewarne Street, Spreydon

12 Everest Way, Springston

11 Ashbrook Lane, Somerfield

113 Ashgrove Terrace, Somerfield

221 Ashgrove Terrace, Somerfield

309 Ashgrove Terrace, Somerfield

21 Baretta Street, Somerfield

7 Cooke Street, Somerfield

10A Darley Street, Somerfield

12 Darley Street, Somerfield

25 Ferniehurst Street, Somerfield

53 Frankleigh Street, Somerfield

40 Lyttelton Street, Somerfield

127 Milton Street, Somerfield

34A Rose Street, Somerfield

45 Rose Street, Somerfield

171 Selwyn Street, Somerfield

1/85 Studholme Street, Somerfield

7A Young Street, Somerfield

3-61 Caledonian Road, St Albans

4-61 Caledonian Road, St Albans

146 Geraldine Street, St Albans

54 Dover Street, St Albans

4A Burnbrae Street, St Martins

6 Glenview Terrace, St Martins

102 Palatine Terrace, St Martins

20 Riverlaw Terrace, St Martins

24 Wades Ave, St Martins

1 Antrim Street, Sydenham

5/23 Austin Street, Sydenham

19 Burlington Street, Sydenham

2/7 jordan Street, Sydenham

28 Hargest Crescent, Sydenham

1/25 Hastings Street West, Sydenham

3/25 Hastings Street West, Sydenham

8 Humboldt Street, Sydenham

81 King Street, Sydenham

42 Seddon Street, Sydenham

54E Southampton Street, Sydenham

67A Southampton Street, Sydenham

67D Southampton Street, Sydenham

2/208 Strickland Street, Sydenham

1/87 Tennyson Street, Sydenham

9 Iraklis Close, Templeton

17 Iraklis Close, Templeton

28 Iraklis Close, Templeton

51 Kirkwood Ave, Upper Riccarton

85 Osborne Street, Waltham

3 Sedbergh Place, Westmorland

25 Hewitts Road, Woodend

72 Frensham Crescent, Woolston

40A Mackenzie Ave, Woolston

96 Mackenzie Ave, Woolston

2/8A Marshall Street, Woolston

38 Randolph Street, Woolston

95 Randolph Street, Woolston

20 Rutherford Street, Woolston

54 Wildberry Street, Woolston (twice)

7 Consul Place, Wigram

543 Pound Road, Yaldhurst

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