Selling with Harcourts

The Highest Visability - From the Moment you List

As soon as you are ready to sell, Kelly will enter your property into the Harcourts system, along with professional photos (Vendor Investment) and a concisely written blurb. As soon as everything is proofed we “go live”, this makes your property available to over 350 Licensed Sales Consultants across the Harcourts group locally via our own intranet listing system. This enables them to match their buyers with your property details very quickly.

Your property will then filter through to the following websites, all complimentary:

When you have your property professionally photographed by Open2View you also receive a complimentary listing on:

A Vendor investment of $185.00 will also give you a listing on 

We have excellent Sales support from our office managers, and because of the sheer size of the company, you have a greater chance than any other company of being presented with multiple offers.

Buyer - Seller Matching System

Harcourts also offers the services of the Personal Notifier. This is an intelligent, reliable system that automates the process of matching buyers with properties that meet their criteria. And it's all done very fast, automatically and confidentially by text or email. As a seller you gain immediate exposure to active buyers who are registered with Personal Notifier - plus an active ongoing purchaser search as new buyers register daily.

Commission Formula

There is no cost for listing a property with Harcourts. A Vendor only pays a commission when a sale price is achieved that they are happy with. The commission is paid out of the purchaser’s deposit. Upon confirmation (or on Auction day) the purchaser pays their deposit into the Grenadier Trust account. The deposit remains in the trust account for 10 days and is then paid to the agent or split between agents. The Harcourts commission formula is $550 + (3.95% of a sale price up to $400,000) + (2% of a sale price over $400,000)

Ninth Edition Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate