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Dress your property for Success

Dress your Property for Success

Imagine that you have two $100.00 notes. The one in your left hand is in pristine condition and the one in your right hand is all crumpled up. Which one would you choose? The new one of course but the question is would you pay more than $100.00 for it? Probably not so the condition of your property does not necessarily mean that you will get more money for it but it certainly makes your property much more attractive to buyers and you are more likely to fill your open homes.

When you make the decision to list your property with myself and Harcourts I will walk through each room with you and share thoughts and ideas “through the eyes of the purchaser”, for dressing your property for success.

We will look at and discuss specifically for your property:

  •  first impressions from both the street and the front door,
  •  lighting,
  •  colours of accessories,
  •  storage of personal items and
  •  the purpose of each and every room.

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