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Methods of Selling your Home

Methods for Selling your Home


Auction is one of the oldest methods of marketing, dating back to Roman times, and is a very important method of sale. A well-run auction programme takes more time and effort from me but will ensure that your property gets the maximum exposure. Auction is a method of sale where there is a real opportunity for you to get more for your home than you expect.You set a deadline for the sale of your home. This creates a sense of urgency among buyers and sales consultants alike. It also allows you to plan ahead in the knowledge that a definite date has been set for the sale of your home. A three-stage selling process. Auction is one of the few methods of sale where you get, not one, but three opportunities to sell your property.

Stage One: In the lead-up period a high profile Auction marketing will highlight your property, producing the greatest exposure when enquiries are likely to be at the highest level.

Stage Two: The Auction is the shortest part of the process but it is the best opportunity to stimulate competition. Because most people think in a range of values, rather than a specific figure, this is the time when a potential purchaser is most likely to stretch to the upper range of values to secure your property and, thereby produce the highest possible selling price for you.

Stage Three: Some people believe that if your property has not sold by this stage of the Auction process then the system has failed. Not so. Stage three can produce a whole new range of buyers, those who may need to sell another property or arrange finance before they can commit themselves unconditionally.


Tender is another opportunity for you to create a competitive situation without stating a listing price. You set the terms, conditions and the deadline and prospective buyers have the opportunity to put forward their most competitive offer. Offers can be subject to conditions and do not have to be unconditional like at an auction. When you offer your property for sale by Tender everyone with an interest to purchase must seal their offer (tender) in an envelope and deposit it with us by a predetermined date and time. All tenders are then opened together allowing you to choose and/or negotiate with the one most favourable to you. The date may not be changed.

Deadline Sale

A Deadline sale is similar to a tender however not as formal. It is a highly effective method of bringing one or more offers to a head for you to view. Because Deadline sale is another method of marketing without a price it can increase the number of inquiries, inspections and opportunities assisting in obtaining the very best price for your property. Often Multi-offer situations can arise which is a process of a purchasers being informed that they must put their best offer forward. Marketing is usually accompanied by "Unless Sold Prior" and the date and time may be changed should you receive an early offer.

General Listing

A whole crowd of sales consultants from different companies all trying to sell your home might sound great, but the reality is however, that your property becomes everyone's listing but no-one's responsibility. With no-one in charge, nothing tends to get done. Agencies do not like to invest their money, time, and energy when they cannot be sure which company will sell the property and receive the commission.

Exclusive Listing

When you list exclusively, you put your trust in one organisation and that agency takes on sole responsibility for the sale of your home. At Harcourts, we make sure we earn your trust before we ask you to list exclusively with us and we make sure that we fulfil our responsibilities. It's a promise Harcourts are proud to deliver.

No Price* - this method invites buyers to negotiate with you upwards of your market expectation without a price barrier. Buyers will see your property and decide what they are willing to pay. This method of marketing can attract 2-3 times the number of potential buyers. *Recommended for 2-3 weeks.

Priced - the property is marketed at a price that is acceptable to the seller. When marketing with a set price it is extremely importance to determine the right figure from the start. Overpriced properties take longer to sell and do not attract the optimum number of potential buyers to create competition.

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